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Follow No Strangers To The Fun Places

"[Follow No Strangers] is next-level stuff. And it’s brilliant."
~ Cassandra Miller, DCMetroTheaterArts

Follow No Strangers to the Fun Places

Our newest hit play, Follow No Strangers To The Fun Places, runs through May 19th.

Follow No Strangers To The Fun Places explores the attempts of the artists creating it to manufacture beauty and meaning. One of the directors said this description is rather "workman-like," but even though the other director (who is also the playwright) is sick, the first director wouldn't take on the simple task of writing a one-sentence description of this show. The great work begins.

“...if there’s one thing Acme doesn’t do is odd and weird for its own sake. There’s an intentionality behind every element of the presentation… if you allow it, this Acme production encourages you to start thinking about everything else you consume in different ways. Take the red pill.”
~ Bret McCabe, Bmore Art

Of the Past


Stranger Kindness

Stranger Kindness

"Best Play - 2017" ~ Baltimore City Paper

The World is Round

The World is Round

"Best Adaptation - 2015" ~ Baltimore City Paper



"Best Use of Video in a Play - 2014" ~ Baltimore City Paper

Office Ladies

Office Ladies

"Best Playwright - 2013" ~ Baltimore City Paper



“Best Play - 2013” ~ Baltimore City Paper

Skeleton Hearts

Skeleton Hearts

“Best on Baltimore stages in 2013” ~ Baltimore Sun

If You Can Get To Buffalo

If You Can Get To Buffalo

Thr3e Zisters




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    The Acme Corporation is a Baltimore-based theatre company that brings the professional, educational, and DIY communities together. We make new plays and re-imagined classics.

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    We believe that the theatre is a place for presence and dynamic representation. We endeavor to make experiences that cannot be replicated on a screen.



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The Acme Corporation currently lives at
St. Marks Evangelical Lutheran Church at
1900 St. Paul Street in Baltimore, Maryland.